In Need Of An Affordable Hearing Aid?

happy to be hearing againOne regular customer of MDHearingAid, Douglas Smith, became a user for the same reasons most people do. The expense of maintaining his hearing aids was too costly. Smith stated that his initial hearing aids cost more than $4000 and even with assistance, he was spending nearly $450 per year for maintenance. When it came time to get his third pair, he turned to the internet and that was how he discovered MDHearingAid.

Anyone who needs a hearing aid knows that the cost of buying new or replacing a worn or broken device can be extremely expensive. In addition, as time goes by, the aging process can cause the need for newer and stronger hearing aids, which increases the expense. Many people choose to save on that expense of buying new or replacing their custom made hearing aids with devices from MDHearingAid. In fact, MDHearingAid has many satisfied customers who actually prefer their hearing aids over expensive custom made ones.

When Smith initially went for low cost hearing aids, he was frustrated by his limited ability to communicate. He went through several different types and still could not find something he liked. He then decided to try the hearing aids from MDHearingAid, based on the many positive reviews from customers. Smith actually admitted to preferring the MDHearingAid hearing aids over the hearing aids he’d previously gotten custom designed, stating:

“I believe that the low cost hearing aids that I found are better than my expensive pair because they are simple to use and they are tuned to receive human speech frequencies.”

Because hearing loss usually occurs gradually, the person who has the hearing problem won’t even notice it until it starts to affect their ability to communicate. This is a fact that Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, a Chicago-based ear, nose and throat doctor, believes can hurt a person’s ability to treat a hearing problem early.

Dr. Cherukuri invented the hearing aid line at MDHearingAid because one of the main reasons people did not get the device they needed was because of price. In fact, hearing loss is a condition that is consistently undertreated. According to research by Johns Hopkins scientists, about 6.7 million Americans age 50 and older have hearing loss, but only one in seven uses a hearing aid. He didn’t just want to create a low cost hearing aid – he wanted to create a low cost hearing aid that was in line with the more expensive custom made types.

Dr. Cherukuri tested out hundreds of different types of low cost devices and he found the same common problem in all of them. They were generically designed to amplify everything, resulting in too much background noise for the aids to be truly useful for communicating. When he designed the hearing aids for the MDHearingAid line, he did it in a way that only amplified the voices for people and not the background sounds around it.
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