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The MDHearingAid AIR

America’s best selling value hearing aid. A virtually invisible design with advanced digital technology, delivering high-quality sound. You will hear clearly and comfortably in a variety of settings — watching television, at a dinner party, at church — thanks to its advanced digital technology.

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AIR Product Features

Puts you in control

Three program settings allow you to communicate confidently in quiet, social, and noisy situations.

Clarity anywhere

Loud sounds are comfortable and soft sounds are audible because our sophisticated algorithms are hard at work, no matter where you happen to be.

Conversations sound fantastic

Proprietary MDSound processing detects speech and focuses on human voices.

Reduces fatigue

Our environmental sound sensing system makes sure background noise doesn't wear you down.

Versatile and adjustable

Accommodates hearing loss ranging from mild to moderately-severe.

Advanced Feedback cancellation

Hug your loved ones or put on a hat without annoying whistling, thanks to our quick-response advanced feedback cancellation.

Designed by Doctors

Our smallest FDA registered hearing aid design paired with clear, thin tubing makes the AIR practically invisible.


Wear-all-day comfort.

Our exclusive ComfortTIPs™ are shaped for your ear canal to provide superior sound and remarkable comfort.

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Try the AIR for 45 days. If you aren’t satisfied with your AIR after 21 days, return it for a full refund.

Product Details

Hearing Aid Specs
1” x 0.25” x 0.5”
Battery Size
Environment Settings
Approximate Battery Life
10-14 days
What's Included
Shipping Information
Warranty Information

MDHearingAid AIR Reviews

Mark Wagner
Verified buyer
December 21, 2017
Exceeded my expectations

This product truly exceeded my expectations. I lost 80 percent of my hearing in my right ear back in 2009. I was informed that the only device that would work was a cochlear implant. I had the procedure and was displeased with the result. The device was rather bulky. Feedback was terrible and the device sends all sound waves into your good ear so I was unable to determine location of sound. I really didn’t think the MD hearing device would work. I figured I had nothing to lose since the product has a money back guarantee. The moment I put it on I was pleasantly surprised. The unit is discreet, comfortable, very little feedback. I can determine the location of sound and the price is reasonable. I’ve only owned the unit for a few weeks so I can’t comment on durability or longevity. My only regret is that I didn’t order it sooner.

Jim Phillips
Verified buyer
December 20, 2017
Better product

I am amazed at how much better the sound quality is in the Air than those for which I paid $3000 several years ago. Being able to control volume and program selection for each ear individually allows me to achieve balanced hearing at all times. I bought the Air when the previous company wanted $645 to repair one aid. Wish I had known about MDHearingAid before spending the 3 grand.

Julie Dedge
Verified buyer
December 13, 2017
A Most Wonderful Product

My husband has had these for a few months now and they have opened up a whole new world for him. He hears things he has not heard in years and has admitted that he should have done something about his hearing loss years ago. I am very grateful because now the television does not have to be as loud and I do not have to repeat my self or talk loud any more. In fact, he does not talk loud any more. I do not think saying thank you is enough, but I am truly grateful to you for this great product.

Clara V.
Verified buyer
December 10, 2017
I Love Them!

I've had my hearing aids for app. 3 months and wouldn't take for them. I had forgot how wonderful it was to hear well. Thank you so much for making them affordable. I love them!!!!

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these hearing aids compare to custom hearing aids?
Custom hearing aids provide the highest level of care that you can get, but that level of care can come with a pricetag that can exceed $5000 per ear! If price is no object, pursue a custom hearing aid. However, for most people, custom hearing aid costs are a significant barrier to better hearing. That's why our team of doctors and audiologists evaluated thousands of hearing tests before developing the amplification profiles built into each MDHearingAid product. Advanced digital technologies plus convenient volume dials and program selection buttons give you a hearing aid experience that rivals the most expensive hearing aids for a mere fraction of the cost.
How will I know if hearing aids will work for me?
MDHearingAid models are programmed to meet the needs of most people with hearing loss. The best way to see firsthand how much they will help you is to try them in the comfort of your home, risk free. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Should I buy one or a pair of hearing aids?
The brain processes signals from both ears for improved clarity and balanced sound. If you have hearing loss in both ears you will be able to hear much better with two hearing aids, and your satisfaction with those hearing aids will be much higher. If you only use one hearing aid, but have hearing loss in both ears, your brain has to process two different sound and clarity levels, which makes the sound signal more difficult to understand.

Why do hearing aids cost so much at a clinic?

Read this report to discover the truth about the high price of hearing and how to save lot of money

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