MDHearingAid – Development of Hearing Aids


“As part of our research, we looked at low-cost hearing devices and sound amplifiers, but when we took them apart we realized that most of them are very poorly constructed with extremely cheap components. And also they did not do a good job of amplifying the human voice, so they actually did more harm than good.

Our goal was to create a device that really focused on the human voice, to provide clarity and amplification using world class components, but keeping the price at a very affordable point.

In 2007 when the first iPhone came out, a company that breaks down new electronic gadgets was able to determine that the component cost was under $200 for a very sophisticated piece of equipment.

It’s then that I realized that I could likely make a very good effective hearing aid at a similar sub $200 price point. I collaborated with my brother, Sreeny, who is a MBA and an engineer and we created the MDHearingAid PRO, which is a one size fits most hearing aid targeting the frequencies of the human voice without overly amplifying background noise.

This was a very successful product to bring affordable hearing aid to millions of people.”