MDHearingAid AIR

“The MDHearingAid AIR was developed to meet the needs of those people who had more challenging hearing losses or in more challenging hearing environments.

It uses all digital technology similar to that which is found on the expensive $1,000 to $3,000 hearing aids. With its advanced technology we see features such as dynamic compression, which makes loud sounds softer and makes softer sounds more hearable or audible.

The MD Hearing Aid AIR has three programs and these programs are designed to meet the configuration of the most common types of hearing loss and the most common hearing environments.

For example, if someone has mainly a high frequency hearing loss, they’re able to engage program three where the majority of the amplification is in the high frequencies that they’re missing.

In addition, program four is a telecoil, which allows them to seamlessly patch into the sound from their iPhone or their landline or other public places where a looped sound environment is being used, such as movie theaters or churches, so that the clarity in these setting is unparalleled as compared to a hearing aid without a telecoil.

One advantage of the MD Hearing Aid AIR is its very small size and discreetness. Today’s high end hearing aids have thin tubing and a very small footprint or profile behind the ear and those features are found here on the MD Hearing Aid AIR.

It’s a clear tubing that connects the hearing aid, that sits behind the ear into the ear canal. One advantage of this is it’s a behind the ear device and it doesn’t plug up the ear or cause some access difficulties like in the ear hearing aids do.

This hearing aid allows the user to control the setting such as a volume dial and a program button while still maintaining a very discreet slim profile.”