The History of MDHearingAid

“I started MD Hearing Aid because as a physician in otolaryngology or ear, nose, and throat surgery I saw a lot of patients who had hearing loss who would benefit from hearing aids, but they would often go home without a solution. A big part of that is the cost of the hearing aids were out of reach and their insurance did not cover the products.

As a physician I knew that untreated hearing loss had a higher risk of depression, social isolation, anxiety, and it’s even been linked to Alzheimer’s type dementia symptoms.

My passion was to develop the best possible hearing aid at the lowest possible price. I collaborated with my brother, Sweeney, who is an engineer and a MBA and together we developed a sub $200 hearing aid that was designed to help the majority of types of hearing loss at a very affordable price point. My goal of MD Hearing Aid is to democratize hearing loss so that all people can afford hearing solutions that can help them function better in their day to day life.”