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Cheap vs. Affordable Hearing Aids: What’s the Difference?

Hearing Aids, Bird Songs and Rustling Leaves

Speaker 2: It is estimated that 48 million Americans are said to suffer from some form of hearing loss but as many as 80% of them won’t turn to hearing aids partly because of the high cost. There is a push to change that and one Chicago doctor is trying to lead the charge. Fox […]

Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids: An Overview

Tinnitus is a sensorineural condition within your hearing pathway that triggers a sound that you hear, but has no external source. When your ear or auditory nerves are damaged, your brain sometimes compensates for the lack of sounds from the outside world by making its auditory system more active

Using Cell Phones with Hearing Aids: Positioning, Telecoils, and Compatibility

Hearing aids can help bring you back into your social sphere. They can make conversations clearer and easier, so you don’t feel so out of the loop. However, some people still have trouble using their cell phones with their hearing aids, and phones are a key part of staying in touch in the [...]

Troubleshooting Common Hearing Aid Problems

Hearing aids can make such a huge difference in your quality of life, but, like with any other piece of technology, there are a lot of sensitive parts that need proper maintenance and care. When common problems with hearing aids arise, often they can be simple enough that you can troubleshoot and...

Hearing Loss and the Big Game

This weekend, when the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, people in the NRG Stadium, at their local sports bars, at parties with friends and at home in front of their TVs will be cheering in excitement. There’s the sonic boom of the jets as they fly over […]

Old Man Winter and the Hearing Aid

By now, most of the country is deep into winter. In some parts of the United States, that means sub-zero temperatures; in other areas, rain and high winds. Here are some important tips for protecting your hearing and maintaining your hearing aids this time of year. Protect Your Hearing From snowmobi

New Year, New You – No More Hearing Aid Excuses

Year in and year out, people make the same resolutions. Lose weight, exercise more, eat more whole grains and fresh vegetables and less fat, carbs and junk food. And every year they fail. What about making a different kind of resolution this year? One that will be easier to keep and will have a posi

FDA Seeks To Make Low Cost OTC Hearing Aids Readily Available To Millions Of Americans

New FDA Hearing Aid Guidelines Has lack of easy access to affordable over-the-counter hearing aids prevented you from getting the hearing help you need? That’s changing, thanks to new FDA guidelines. Earlier this month, the FDA announced it will no longer require individuals over 18 years of age to

Protect and Care for Your Hearing Aids the Smart Way

Protect Your Investment It’s important to clean your hearing aids’ domes, tips and tubing regularly, but what else should you be doing to protect your investment in better hearing? Did you know that condensation and moisture are your hearing aids’ biggest enemies? Excess moisture is the most common