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Blogs list - Hearing Aid Technology

Wearing Glasses or Using Oxygen with Hearing Aids

Do you wear glasses? Do you require a nasal cannula for oxygen? Do you like to listen to music on headphones? Do you need hearing aids? The fact is, many people enjoy or need to wear other things around their ears, and when you need hearing aids, you might wonder if they will fit with your [...]

Cheap vs. Affordable Hearing Aids: What’s the Difference?

Using Cell Phones with Hearing Aids: Positioning, Telecoils, and Compatibility

Hearing aids can help bring you back into your social sphere. They can make conversations clearer and easier, so you don’t feel so out of the loop. However, some people still have trouble using their cell phones with their hearing aids, and phones are a key part of staying in touch in the [...]

Protect and Care for Your Hearing Aids the Smart Way

Protect Your Investment It’s important to clean your hearing aids’ domes, tips and tubing regularly, but what else should you be doing to protect your investment in better hearing? Did you know that condensation and moisture are your hearing aids’ biggest enemies? Excess moisture is the most common

How Do Hearing Aids Work to Help You Hear?

At their most basic, hearing aids work by taking audio from the environment, amplifying and clarifying it, and transmitting the sound in its improved form to the inner ear. However, the ways that hearing aids function for the hearing impaired are much more complex than just that. Read on for [...]

Types of Hearing Aids | Options and Styles

MDHearingAid offers three primary styles of hearing aids to suit your needs and preferences, all for at least 80% less than comparable custom options. Whether you prefer analog or digital, more sound customization or simpler settings, we offer affordable hearing aids that will help you hear better