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Product Reviews
I love these aids 10
Posted by Colleen H on November 05, 2015
I got these hearing aids and I love them

Top service 10
Posted by Rick A on November 04, 2015
_I want to say you have given me top service with any problems I've had. I tell everyone about your service and your hearing aid.

the best investment 10
Posted by Elizabeth H. on November 02, 2015
_I purchased the MD Hearing Aid Air about a year ago. It was the best investment I've made in my life. I feel like part of life again. No adjustment. Just put them in and I could hear, be part of conversations, etc. I can't say enough about them. Thank you.

terrific 10
Posted by Linda B. on November 01, 2015
I think your website is terrific and the hearing aids are tremendous. I can now hear so much better. Thank you so very much. I plan to spread the word about your company. Keep up the good work - it really shows.

The Pro is Even Better Now! 10
Posted by Brian J. on October 21, 2015
I started using the Pro aid in 2009, and have always been very satisfied with the quality of sound, even over "prescribed" aids costing 10 to 20 times more! Things happen-you don't want to get them wet, especially with sweat on those hot and humid Baltimore summers. That's probably been the only cause of death of any of my MD aids. I went on to try the Air-they're great too, but when I accidentally wore them into the shower it was time for replacements. When it comes to analog vs. digital, some people, prefer analog hearing aids. Don't fear that you're not getting the "better" ones because you can't afford the Air, I bet you'll love the Pro's just as much. Now if they would only invent a hearing aid sweat-proof sleeve . . .

Posted by John S. on October 14, 2015
Several years ago I purchased a pair of ITE $1200 aids from the neighborhood hearing aid store. I was not happy with them and had them adjusted many times by the so called "hearing aid specialist". Not only was the sound distorted, but when I talked I felt like I was in a barrel. Finally the guy said they would never work as my hearing loss was too bad. After fooling with them for 2 years, he finally convinced me to spend $3600 on a pair of ITE aids. Same problem with these and after 2 more years of reprogramming with no improvement, it was discovered that the mold was wrong. It was pointed into my ear wall not my ear canal. Upon checking, the first pair had the same problem. So I spent $4800 and 4 years total to get an unacceptable hearing aid. If the mold had been properly made, maybe the first pair would have worked. Since then I have moved to another state and one of them, for the second time, has quit working. Now I discover that they are a proprietary brand and I have to go to a dealer to have them repaired ($350) which is 45 miles away. So I decided to give the MD AIR a try. Each has its good points and bad points, but the bottom line is I hear just as well with the MD AIR as I did with the expensive ones. I highly recommend giving the MD Hearing Aids a try before committing to the expensive ones recommended by the ear specialist (salesman).

Unbelievable! 10
Posted by Ron S. on October 10, 2015
I usually do not write reviews, even when I am very pleased with a product. I feel I must review the MDHearingAid Air. I did a lot of high powered rifle target shooting without adequate hearing protection when I was young and destroyed my hearing. I have needed a hearing aid for about 30 years. One audiologist told me that I must be reading lips to communicate because my hearing is so bad. I was quoted $2500 to $5000 per ear for hearing aids. That is out of the question for me. I just can not afford such an expenditure. I saw an add for MDHearingAid on Facebook (I think) and studied the information provided. I said to myself, "There is no way you can buy hearing aids for both ears for less than $1000 and benefit your hearing to any significant degree." In spite of that, with the promise that I can return them if I am not satisfied, I ordered them. The instructions said to start off wearing them for 1/2 and hour a day. I inserted them into my ears just the way they came out of the box. I wore them for 14 hrs. the first day and everyday since. I am so irritated with things on my body that I don't even wear a watch or rings or any kind of jewelry. But I have absolutely no problem with these hearing aids in my ears. I am totally amazed how well these work for restoring my hearing. I hear things that I have never heard before! My wife always reminds me when I forget to cancel the turn signals in the car. I always wondered how she knew. Now, I know those things are really loud! They have also changed the quality of using the phone. I don't think people are mumbling anymore. I am one happy 70 year old with these aids!!

A wonderful value! I can hear again! 10
Posted by Robert S. on October 04, 2015
Thanks MDhearingAid !! I've had my MD Air for about two weeks and it's simply amazing. I have cut the TV volume in half and I can now hear what my family and friends are saying with out everyone having to repeat what they said. The MD Air is even smaller and lighter that I had imagined and I forget it's even there sometimes. This hearing air is a great value especially for retired people like myself that afford $2000.00 for one. Thanks for helping so many people like myself !!

Love the ComfortTips 9
Posted by Joyce H. on October 02, 2015
_I recently called and talked to someone about my hearing aids. After doing a few things he had me do, I was told I should send it in for repair which I did. Thank you so much for the fast turnaround! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Excellent Service 9
Posted by Leon D. on September 29, 2015
_Thank you for standing behind what you sell. Still getting used to wearing these, but they are everything that was advertised. I appreciate your response and excellent service