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Medline and MDHearing announce strategic partnership

Medline and MDHearing announce strategic partnership

Medline and MDHearing announce a strategic partnership to bring high-quality, affordable OTC hearing aids to Medicare Advantage and other managed care members.

Medline and MDHearing partner to offer
affordable, over-the-counter hearing aids

A medical supplies manufacturer, distributor, and solutions provider across the continuum of care, Medline also powers the Over-The-Counter (OTC) benefits for millions of Medicare Advantage and managed care members. Making OTC hearing aids available via OTC supplemental benefits allows members to purchase high-quality hearing aids for hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

With more than a million hearing aids sold to over 700,000 customers, MDHearing brings the experience and scale necessary to seamlessly introduce OTC hearing aids to Medicare Advantage and other managed care members. In addition to its high-quality, affordable OTC hearing aids, MDHearing is a leader in telemedicine. MDHearing's team of US-based, licensed hearing professionals handled more than 250,000 customer interactions in 2022. The customer care team also performs hundreds of video telemedicine sessions, thousands of hearing tests, and thousands of remote hearing-aid adjustments per month. 

Medline and MDHearing strive to make healthcare more efficient and improve the lives of patients everywhere. Introducing affordable, high-quality OTC hearing aids and telemedicine support from licensed hearing professionals helps make this vision a reality.

The best value in hearing.
Backed by world-class audiologists.


MDHearing has helped more than half a million Americans hear better over the last decade with affordable, high-quality hearing aids. 


MDHearing comes with convenient remote support from our licensed hearing professionals—no office visits and no hassle.


MDHearing is backed by a 45-day trial and 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Interesting in adding MDHearing to your OTC offerings?

Get to know MDHearing's products

FDA-registered hearing aids backed by support from licensed hearing professionals and a 100% money-back guarantee.


In-the-canal (ITC)

Rechargeable, digital, entry-level hearing aid with a discreet design that hides in the ear canal.


Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Rechargeable, digital, best-selling hearing aid with directional microphones for premium noise reduction.


Clinic-level care from licensed hearing professionals

The best hearing technology at the best price is only the tip of the iceberg with MDHearing. Our team of dedicated licensed hearing professionals will make sure you get the most out of your hearing aids. 


Meet the doctors of MDHearing

Sandra Porps, AuD
Head of Audiology
Cassidy White, AuD
Dondra Mbachu, AuD

MDHearing has exceeded my expectations. They are responsive, courteous, professional, and helpful.

– Gary S.

With over a decade of experience,MDHearing is the smart choice.

With over a decade of experience,
MDHearing is the smart choice.

A Chicago ENT doctor founded MDHearing nearly 15 years ago. Why? Because the high cost of hearing aids kept many of his patients from communicating and experiencing the most important moments of their lives.

He knew his patients needed the quality care that hearing clinics provide. But, he also knew there had to be a more affordable way to help people hear. Today, MDHearing specializes in providing the same state-of-the-art hearing technology with the same level of support offered by hearing aid clinics—for thousands less.

The truth is, high-quality hearing aids aren't enough. That’s why we’ve spent years pioneering phone-based and online hearing tests, developing telehealth support, and building a team of world-class audiologists and licensed hearing specialists.

We bring clinic-level support to your living room, so you can get the hearing care you need without the cost and inconvenience of repeated office visits. Better hearing doesn’t get better than this.


More Than 1 Million Hearing Aids Sold