Founder of MDHearingAid Featured in Crains (Chicago Tribune)

Who better to design an effective, affordable hearing aid than a former DJ and music lover who became an ear specialist — an otolaryngologist?

As quoted in a recent article in Crains (Chicago Tribune), Dr. Cherukuri asserts, “Ears that get a break from loud, continuous noise (such as with today’s inside-the-ear-canal earbuds and long-play devices) … are less likely to suffer [long-term] damage.”

The article, entitled Doctor Recommends 60/60 Rule for Music Listening to Prevent Hearing Loss, brings to light the good doctor’s advice to listen at 60 percent volume for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Expressing his concern over what he fears is an epidemic of hearing loss, Dr. Cherukuri, founder of MDHearingAid, urges his patients as well as his MDHearingAid clients to use the 60/60 rule, and to protect their all-too-precious hearing. “There is no ‘fix’ for hearing loss. Once the damage has been done, it’s permanent.”

If you or a family member have experienced hearing damage, you can take precautions to prevent further loss. The folks at MDHearingAid are ready to help support your hearing health with their affordable, effective devices, and provide the excellent customer support designed by former DJ, Dr. Cherukuri himself.