NBC 5: LifeEar is Making a Difference

NBC 5: LifeEar is Making a Difference

“Imagine walking down the street,” says reporter Anayeli Ruiz on NBC 5’s recent report on the LifeEar CORE hearing aid, “missing out on the hustle and bustle of everyday life.” Chicago local Richard Goodson used to deal with that exact struggle as his hearing got worse and worse over time. “I had issues with hearing for so long,” said Mr. Goodson. “You compensate in one way, shape or form, whether you look at people’s mouths to see what they’re saying or you make up a story that is not necessarily what a person said!”

But even as he struggle to hear family and friends, Mr. Goodson admits he put off trying to get hearing aids for himself. That is, until this past December.

The LifeEar Giveaway

As a show of goodwill during the holiday season, our sister company LifeEar offered a special hearing aid giveaway for five lucky winners. Inspired by family (he wanted to be able to hear his granddaughter’s laugh), Mr. Goodson applied for the content… and out of over 500 applicants, he won! Since we have an office in Chicago, we were happy to host Mr. Goodson and give him his new hearing aids in person. “I got goosebumps!” Mr. Goodson remarked as he was handed the LifeEar CORE.

Hearing Aids Can Change Lives

At MDHearing, we know all too well how much hearing aids can change a life. Hearing loss can diminish mental capacities, spacial recognition, and social interactions. Similarly to how wearing glasses can help slow down vision deterioration, hearing aids can alleviate some of these struggles and also slow down hearing loss itself. The LifeEar CORE hearing aid model even comes with a special tablet/phone app that allows you to adjust your personalized programming from the comfort of your home!

We hope Mr. Goodson and all our winners enjoy their LifeEar CORE hearing aids and hopefully feel a new lease on life.