FIT is the Best Hearing Aid Ever! 10

Posted by Marie A. on August 03, 2016

We just purchased the FIT and it is the best hearing aid ever! My husband has spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids that DO NOT WORK! We finally found hearing aids that do no block his ear canal and FIT just to the opening of his ear canal that work. He can hear me and others and is no longer suffering from blocked ears with traditional hearing aids which made him feel like he was in a tunnel. We have had no disagreements over what was said because he can hear me and others. It makes me want to cry…that he can HEAR WITH THE MD hearing aid FIT. But now that we found what works for him, we are sad to learn that they are no longer selling this style of hearing aid…it has been discontinued. We are truly upset by this because we thought we finally found a solution to his hearing loss difficulty forever. Please MD Hearing Aid company consider making another type hearing aid that can be used with or without the comfort tips which block the ear canal. It is sad that you had a wonderful hearing aid, FIT, and now it is no longer available!

dependable and affordable

Posted by Richard K on August 02, 2016

I will continue to recommend your company to friends and family. You are a reliable and professional company whose products are dependable and affordable. Thank you for the excellence

delighted with the FIT

Posted by Obie P. on June 21, 2016

Just thought I would let you know that I have been wearing my new Fit hearing aid and I am delighted with it’s performance. Much to my surprise, I experienced no problems in learning to manipulate the miniature controls on this tiny ear piece. Thank you also for your superb packaging.

110% Satisfied 10

Posted by Russell L on April 29, 2016

From the first day I received my aids I have totally been satisfied. I have had an expensive hearing aid for my right ear for years but have never really been satisfied. The Aids that you sent fit perfect. The sound is super. I have been able to turn the volume down on all tvs and sterios the sound is super and no background noise no more whistles I feal so good for such a good product at such a great price thanks so much

couldn’t be more satisfied

Posted by Terin S. on February 01, 2016

I want to let you know I am really loving my new Fit Hearing Aid! I couldn’t be more satisfied! I have it paired with an MD AIR placed in my better hearing ear.

I had lost the AIR mate the week before Thanksgiving. I was miserable. But together, these two different hearing aids seem to be working great. I adapted quickly to most scenarios. Well yes, it is small. I call it my shrimp. Every time I see the picture on the navy blue box, that is what it reminds me of. Cute.

I do hear much better with the FIT hearing aid definitely. Others can tell the improvement too! What a relief! Thank you Thank you all


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