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The MDHearingAid® PRO, our original, premium analog hearing aid is the hearing aid that changed the industry.  With its fit, comfort, and crisp, clear sound, the MDHearingAid® PRO proved that real FDA registered hearing aids didn't have to cost thousands of dollars, as over 50,000 customers can atest. 

The new 2015 MDHearingAid® PRO, has been redesigned to provide the clear crisp MDHearingAid Sound, with a better circuit, improved components, remarkably at a cheaper price.

You can try it RISK-FREE with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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Compare at: $399.99
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You save: $200 (50%)

2 PROs

2 PROs

Compare at: 799.99
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You save: $439.99 (55%)

PRO 2 Plus

PRO 2 Plus

Compare at: 899.99
Our Price:
You save: $439.99 (50%)

Additional Information

  • FREE Shipping

Additional Information

  • FREE Shipping
  • Buy 2 and save $100 (Just $179.99 each)

Additional Information

New and Improved

PRO 2 Plus Package Includes:

  • 2 MDHearingAid® PRO aids
  • 2 PRO Thin Tubing kits (right and left)
  • 2 Product Protection Plans
  • 1 Year Supply of Batteries
  • Over $600 value!
  • FREE Shipping

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- Product Protection Plan

Add Protection Plan

- Product Protection Plan for 2 Hearing Aids

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Product Protection Plan Included!

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I bought both AIR and PRO. 10

Posted by Jim Borger on March 26, 2015

I bought the PRO analog set first, my first ever hearing aids, and took a few weeks to figure out the combination of domes and volume to fit my needs. I was very happy with the product so I decided to step up to the digital AIR and give them a try. I can recommend either.

The PRO uses a separate on/off switch, selects two settings also, so you don’t have to adjust the volume every time you put them on. For me I found that on either style I can turn the volume up until I sound as if I’m talking into a barrel and then back down slightly. I place my hand over my ear when I think I have it set properly and if I hear a squeal then I have it too high. The AIR has three programs and the one you want has to be selected every time it is turned on. The on/off and volume control is one control and must be adjusted by pushing a button every time it is turned off. There is a delay of several seconds when the AIR is first turned on and the volume can easily be turned up too much resulting in a loud squeal. It takes a surprisingly small, to me, amount of ear wax to block the tube. The first time I just thought that the battery had died but a new one didn’t help. The enclosed cleaning tool easily fixes that problem. When the battery dies in the PRO it just quits but in the AIR you get three beeps when the battery is getting weak. It will last for several more hours so you have plenty of warning. I alternate the two pairs as the battery needs replacement, about every three weeks for me. Why two pairs? I am on the road a lot and I like my aids so much I want a backup in case something happens to one.

great return policy

Posted by Clayton G. on March 23, 2015

MDHearingAid refund policy is above reproach.

The refund was given courteously, quickly, without hassle.

A pleasant experience.

Outstanding 10

Posted by Jay on March 18, 2015

I have had these hearing aids only a few hours now and I cannot believe how well I can hear. They are much better than the expensive hearing aids they replace at a much lower cost. Thank you for this product.

I appreciate you

Posted by Harold E. on March 13, 2015

​I appreciate your high quality product and reasonable prices. I highly recommend MDHearingAId and appreciate your service

Dont Purchase from MD Hearing Aid 1

Posted by Dorene S. on March 10, 2015

Be very careful about purchasing from this company. My elderly father, who survives on social security, wanted the hearing aids so I ordered them. He was in the hospital and when he got out and was able to try them he did, but they don’t work with his glasses. I tried to return them but missed the date by a few days. This company will absolutely not budge, the have a “strict” policy. So now my father is out 1/4 of his monthly income and stuck with a product that he cant use. Great Company!! Very Caring!! Don’t purchase from this greedy company, purchase from a customer friendly company. I am sure this happens to lots of elderly individuals. Also…keep spreading the word on social media to protect our elderly!!

MDHearingAId response: All of our orders come with a receipt on which our return policy and a contact phone number are printed. Our orders also come with an addendum in which our return policy is again prominently displayed; we highlight it and also include a table for handy reference. This information can be reviewed on the Returns page of our website. To see the highlighted copy, go to Receipt Addendum

This customer placed her order with us over the phone on January 6, 2015. Due to high demand for our product over the holidays, this item was on back order (the customer was notified of this when she placed her order). Once we received and tested new product, the customer’s order shipped on January 12 and was received on January 14. All of our customers who experienced a delay in shipping due to back order status(including this one), received an adjustment in the return period in their favor. The 45 days did not start until the product shipped on January 12. We want our customers to have the full trial period in order to best evaluate our product.

We had no contact with this customer until she emailed us on March 10, 2015 requesting a refund. March 10 was 57 days past the January 12 ship date and thus almost 2 weeks beyond the return window. We contacted the customer and advised her of this. Her response was similar to the review above. Had the customer simply contacted us sometime in the 45 days following January 12 and explained her situation, we would have been more than happy to work with her on addressing her specific concern in order to reach a mutually agreed upon solution. We have done this many times with our customers through the years.

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