MDShield Protection Plan

With the MDShieldTM Protection Plan, you are 100% protected from ALL types of accidental damage, and almost anything else that may go wrong, including things not covered by the initial 90-day Warranty (water damage, battery corrosion, stepping on the hearing aid, etc), except loss. This Service Contract covers ANY defect or malfunction in your new MDHearingAid.

How Long Does The Coverage Last?
This service contract lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase of the hearing aid(s). Therefore for maximum value, purchase the MDShield Protection Plan at the same time you purchase your new MDHearingAid.

What Will MDHearingAid Do?
MDHearingAid will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part or send you a brand NEW hearing aid at no charge.

What Does This Service Contract Not Cover?
Loss of the hearing aid and unauthorized repairs are not covered. See our Protection Plan Manual for specific contract details.

How Do I Get Service?
If something goes wrong with your aid, contact MDHearingAid at 312-366-3899 or for specific return instructions.  If it is necessary to send the aid to us, you are required to pay for postage and processing to and from MDHearingAid Repair Facility.


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MDShieldTM Protection Plan Manual

I Like The Sound Control

I read the manual a couple times and then put the aids together with the tubing and dome. First I used the very fine tubing and then decided to use the thicker tubing. I thought I would get better coverage and they are doing the job. I have worn them all day, both of them, ever since they came, so far so good. I don't expect any trouble since I have been wearing hearing aids for over 10 years. I like the sound control and turn it up when I can't hear the people on the television or in a room with soft spoken people. Never could do that with my Starkeys. ~ Carol F

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