Costco Hearing Aids: Overview, Review, and Affordable Alternatives

Costco Hearing Aids: Overview, Review, and Affordable Alternatives

We all know Costco is famous for its big savings on groceries and household items, but did you know it’s one of the biggest retailers of hearing aids in the United States—second only to the Department of Veterans Affairs?

With their hearing aids starting at about $1,500 a pair, Costco prices are a lot more affordable than hearing clinic aids, so it’s understandable why Americans would choose Costco. But are Costco hearing aids any good? How do they compare to the aids you find at a clinic, and are there more affordable alternatives that offer the same quality?  

In this guide to Costco hearing aids, you’ll learn about the different models available at Costco, how they measure up to other brands, and what real users are saying about them. 

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About Costco’s Hearing Clinic Services

The most attractive part of Costco hearing aids isn’t the store itself. With its gray cement flooring and cinder block walls, shoppers don’t go to Costco for the looks of the place. They go for the savings and the convenience. 

In this respect, Costco Hearing Aid Centers get the job done. They offer free professional hearing tests (to Costco members only). This means you can get a hearing test and some recommendations for hearing aids based on the results—then finish up your shopping when the test is done. 

The trained hearing specialists will guide you through the test, provide treatment recommendations, suggest some quality aids—and then fit and adjust the hearing aids to your needs. Sometimes an audiologist is available, but more often, you will only find a hearing specialist

Also, it’s good to know that only some Costco locations have a hearing center. You can look for the Costco Hearing Aid Center closest to your location by clicking on this link. Just search your city and check the box that says “Hearing Aids” in the search filter options. 

Here’s what’s available in Chicago:

In addition to free professional hearing tests, Costco members who buy hearing aids receive free follow-up appointments, free check-ups, and free hearing aid cleanings. You’ll also get loss and damage insurance, a 90-day trial period, and a warranty. 

Downsides of Costco

Of course, there are some downsides to Costco hearing aids:

  • The services aren’t exactly “free.” Costco membership fees start at about $60 a year—so if you don’t already have a membership, you’ll have to put down some money to get a test at Costco. 

  • Older models and older technology. You may not find the latest bells and whistles on your Costco hearing aids. While you can find excellent name brands, a traditional hearing clinic will have more premium models and more advanced tech.

  • You might not talk to an audiologist. Most of the time at Costco, you’ll speak with a hearing specialist. While Costco hearing specialists have a reputation for providing great service, they are not licensed audiologists. 

  • Listed prices aren’t always accurate. The prices listed on Costco’s website are “starting prices,” and you’ll often end up paying more after they determine what other services or features you need or require. 

If you’d like to bypass the Costco membership fee and test your hearing right now over the Internet for free, click this link and complete MDHearing’s free online hearing test. It only takes 5 minutes, and you’ll get the detailed results immediately. After the test, you can have a free telehealth consultation with an MDHearing audiologist or licensed hearing instrument specialist, who will review your results and provide recommendations via video chat or over the phone.

We also suggest this free telephone-based hearing check that offers clinically proven accuracy when it comes to identifying hearing loss. Taking both of these tests provides an excellent picture of your current hearing situation. 

Money-Saving Tip: There’s no obligation to purchase a Costco hearing aid after getting a test. This means you can find out if you have a hearing loss at Costco, and buy a less expensive hearing aid somewhere else. For example, MDHearing customers who purchase an MDHearing VOLT MAX can send their Costco hearing test to MDHearing, and we will use the results to custom-tune your aids according to your hearing loss profile—saving you hundreds of dollars in the process!

Comparing Costco Hearing Aids to Other Options

Hearing aid prices and the shopping experience vary dramatically depending on where you purchase. Here's a breakdown of two popular ways to buy hearing aids and how they compare to Costco:

1. Costco Hearing Centers:

  • Cost: At Costco, you'll find more affordable, quality hearing aid options. As of February 2024, their prescription hearing aid models range from approximately $1,499 to $1,599 a pair. However, these prices are “starting at” and vary by state according to the Costco website. Pricing depends on the brand, model, level of hearing loss, and other customizations or features needed. 

  • Purchasing Process: At Costco, the process is similar to hearing aid clinics. Costco offers in-person hearing tests and consultations that take about 20 minutes. If you need a hearing aid, the Costco hearing specialist will recommend an appropriate hearing aid. 

2. Traditional Hearing Clinics:

  • Cost: Hearing aids from traditional hearing clinics are usually the most expensive option for treating your hearing loss. With the average pair costing around $4,600 at hearing clinics, some top-of-the-line models can even reach $8,000 a pair! That said, you could still find some entry-level options for around $2,500.

  • Purchasing Process: Expect an in-depth personalized experience, involving a hearing test, consultations, and in-person appointments for fittings, and adjustments. Some clinics might push you to buy more expensive, higher-end models, so be clear about your budget needs.

  • Compared to Costco: Traditional hearing clinics are more likely to have the latest hearing aid models with all of the bells and whistles—and hearing clinics usually have a nicer, more relaxing setting. Otherwise, traditional hearing clinics are about the same as Costco (except Costco has better prices). 

3. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids:

  • Cost: OTC hearing aids sold direct-to-consumer offer the most budget-friendly hearing aid prices. These high-quality, medical-grade hearing aids are sold over the counter—without any clinic visits—thus bypassing hearing clinic markups. This creates big savings for the patient. For example, MDHearing’s best-selling OTC hearing aid costs only $297 a pair, with more advanced models priced at $397-$699 a pair.

  • Process: OTC hearing aid customers purchase online or by phone and the hearing aids are delivered to their homes in a few days. Most OTC hearing aids are preset to fit 94% of hearing loss. Some include technology that checks your hearing and automatically adjusts the settings according to the results. Meanwhile, others provide remote support services that allow a specialist to fine-tune your hearing aid settings over the Internet.

  • Compared to Costco: MDHearing is an OTC hearing aid provider that can save you thousands of dollars while achieving the same quality of hearing treatment as Costco or a traditional hearing clinic. For a decade and a half, MDHearing has been selling the highest quality hearing aids to their customers. All products are FDA-registered, offering world-class and highly effective hearing loss treatment.

Price per PairSteps to Buy
Traditional Hearing Clinic
$4,600 avg
Visit in person for a hearing test, followed by recommendations from a certified audiologist or hearing specialist. The clinic may need to adjust the hearing aids to the individual's specific hearing requirements, which can take some time. Therefore, follow-up appointments are usually needed to fit and adjust the aids when they are ready.
Costco Hearing Aid Center
Visit in person for a hearing test, followed by insights from an audiologist or a specialist from Costco's hearing aid team. If the patient decides to purchase, Costco may need to order and customize the hearing aids to the individual's specific hearing requirements, which can take some time. Therefore, follow-up appointments are usually necessary to fit and adjust the new hearing aids once they are ready.
No hearing test is required. However, you may take a free online hearing test followed by a telehealth consultation from an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. Purchase through the website or by phone, and receive the hearing aids at your home shortly thereafter. With certain MDHearing models, specialists can use your hearing test results to customize your hearing aids to fit your hearing loss profile.

Popular Costco Hearing Aids (with Customer Reviews)

Costco offers a nice selection of high-quality hearing aids. However, as of 2022, its most budget-friendly hearing aids from the Kirkland Signature line are no longer available. In the same year, Phonak also ended its relationship as a supplier to Costco.

What’s left are hearing aids from Philips, Rexton, and GN ReSound. In some cases, these brands provide Costco with less advanced models—specially made for Costco to sell at lower price points. Nevertheless, Costco customers are still spending a lot of money for their aids.

Money-saving tip: At MDHearing, we often say that most people just need a hearing aid that helps them hear their loved ones better without spending an arm and a leg. This is why MDHearing sells high-quality hearing aids specifically designed for the majority of people with hearing loss. Best of all, our hearing aids are a lot less expensive than Costco.

Let’s look at the most popular hearing aids that Costco offers:

Philips HearLink 9040


Image Source:

Philips has been in the hearing aid business since 2019. At Costco, the Philips HearLink 9040 is the most recent model. Priced at $1,499.99 a pair (prices may vary), the Phillips Hearlink 9040 includes the following features:

  • Rechargeable hearing aids.

  • Enhanced with artificial intelligence to sharpen speech in background noise.

  • The unique SoundProtect feature minimizes disruptions for clearer voices.

  • Comes in the behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-canal (RIC) form factors

  • Connect to electronic devices for audio streaming from TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Includes the HearLink 2 App for remote settings adjustments and Remote Fitting features.

Here’s how Philips describes its HearLink technology: “From the very advanced AI sound technology to the most tangible OpenBass dome, all updates contribute to making speech clearer to the user. These updates are also designed with the hearing care professional in mind with new controls (Speech Clarifier, 24 fitting bands), bringing new possibilities to address the needs of users of the new Philips HearLink.”

Here’s what Costco customers are saying about the Philips Hearlink 9040:

I’ve had my Philips 9040 for 3 weeks. Love them! I can hear everyone at my table in a busy restaurant, and now I can hear in the car while driving which I couldn’t before. Had a checkup at Costco after 2 weeks. The wire kept slipping out from my right ear, so Dan put a slightly larger end on the wire and it’s now working well. $1600 was the total charge. TV audio is very much improved but I still have difficulty with people who mumble like Columbo. But on the whole I rarely need CC.” –User918, Hearing Tracker Forums, July 2023

I recently got the 9040’s as an update from my Bernafon Zerena 9’s. The 9040’s are fantastic… even better after moving to a larger dome. I have not found it necessary to change programs. General is good for everything… even live music in a noisy venue.” –Tkarches, Hearing Tracker Forums, August 2023

I recently purchased the Philips 9040 from Costco and have worn them for several days. I have worn hearing aids for 30 years with no adjustment problems. These 9040s were taken back after first try because I was getting loud lisping sounds. They have been adjusted and I am still hearing the lisping sound on tv although not as bad. Also paired to my iPhone but constantly turning up volume. Deciding whether or not to just put up with these adjustments. Anyone having same problem and how was it corrected?” –User1220, Hearing Tracker Forums, August 2023

Why choose the Philips HearLink 9040? This hearing aid would be an excellent match for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss, who can also afford the $1,500 price tag. Because users report having a mix of bad and good experiences with these hearing aids, make sure you understand the refund policy well just in case you need to return them.

Rexton BiCore


Image Source:

Costco shoppers might also be interested in the Rexton BiCore hearing aid, starting at a price of approximately $1,500 a pair (prices may vary). As a brand owned by WS Audiology, Rexton uses technology from WS Audiology’s other brand, Signia, in these hearing aids. 

Here are some of the best features of Rexton hearing aids from Costco:

  • Known for its durability.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids.

  • Offers iPhone connectivity, Bluetooth streaming, and connectivity to a variety of wireless accessories.

  • Rexton hearing aids use motion sensors to follow the user’s movements and make automatic sound adjustments based on different environments. 

  • Creates two different audio tracks using bidirectional microphones, which allows it to enhance the understandability of speech without completely erasing ambient sounds. 

  • Comes in a variety of form factors, including a receiver-in-canal (RIC) and a completely-in-canal (CIC) style that disappears within your ear.

  • Transforms smartphones into remote controls for adjusting hearing aid settings and managing Bluetooth connections.

We found a number of complaints about Rexton hearing aids from Costco shoppers. Here are two reviews:

Costco Rexton Bicore: I’m having two issues with my hearing aids. One issue is a noise I hear when I am streaming phone calls. I think it’s feedback because I hear it and the person I’m talking to hears it. Rexton replaced both aids but the right one still makes the sound/noise. The other issue is when I’m watching TV the sound goes soft and then loud. I thought something was wrong with the TV but my husband said that the TV is not going up and down in volume.” –Suzyjane9, Reddit User, June 14, 2023

I purchased the Rexton Bicore from Costco last week. I have been very happy overall with my KS9’s for the past four years. I was looking for long-lasting rechargeable BIC’s and an update on Bluetooth tech. My BiCores satisfy both of those desirables: battery life is excellent and Bluetooth connects easily and reliably to my Android Pixel and iPad. But… I’ve been having several issues. Hearing doesn’t seem to be any better with these Rextons than it is with my KS9’S. It’s more tinny and a little chirpy. Also, I do a lot of streaming, both voice and music and the sound quality is a huge step down from the KS9’S. It’s tinny, and can easily be heard by those around me even when I have the volume down! (deal breaker). As has been mentioned by others, phone call volume is way too low. So… unless streaming and sound quality issues are resolved at my follow-up visit at Costco, I won’t be keeping these. I’ll keep putting new batteries in my KS9’S, and hope Costco will resolve its issues soon with Phonak will come out with KS11’s.” –Member57, Hearing Tracker Forum, Sept. 23, 2023

Why choose the BiCore? The Rexton Bicore model is best for those seeking a durable rechargeable hearing aid that fits those with mild to moderate hearing loss. It’s also a good match for those who appreciate wireless connectivity. However, some users are not happy with these devices (as per the reviews we found above). Therefore, it’s important to understand Costco’s refund policy and trial period before purchasing Rexton hearing aids, just in case returning them is necessary.

Jabra Enhance Pro from GN ReSound


Image Source:

In 2021, the well-known hearing aid manufacturer, GN ReSound, teamed up with the popular consumer audio brand, Jabra, to create a hearing aid. This partnership resulted in the Jabra Enhance Pro rechargeable hearing aid that’s currently available at Costco. 

According to Costco, “It doesn’t get more personalized than Jabra Enhance Pro. This superior hearing solution features exceptional technology, so you can enjoy top sound quality in even the most challenging environments.”

The Jabra Enhance Pro offers the following features:

  • Claims to deliver clear audio even in challenging listening environments.

  • Up to 30 hours of battery life per charge with a portable charging case.

  • Streams calls, audio, and music directly from smartphones and compatible devices.

  • Allows users to communicate with remote hearing specialists, allowing for remote adjustments without an in-person visit.

  • Compatible with various external devices like TV connectors, clip-on microphones, and remote controls.

  • Provides background noise cancellation, enhanced speech clarity technology, and automatic adjustments based on changing sound environments.

Here’s what users are saying about the Jabra Enhance Pro: 

Just got my Jabra Enhance Pro 10's a week ago. It is tinny but my hearing is pretty bad at the high frequencies. So the high frequencies are amplified. I have been adjusting the settings on the app with my Pixel 7 and I think it is very close to a natural sound now….” –Rredmed, Reddit User, September 17, 2023

Just got a set of these about a month ago (been wearing HAs for almost 15 years). I don't love them - definitely, some tinny sounds, and the phone app chews through battery. But they're fine and I'm good to keep them…” –Hypatia76, Reddit User, September 25, 2023

I just went from Costco KS9 to the Jabra. It’s very tinny. It over-amplifies treble. But the main issue is that its Bluetooth is unusable. I have an iPhone and the sound quality of the ks9 was great. The Jabra has BT has very little bass and needs to be turned all the way up to hear. I’m going to return it soon and try one of their other options.” –DelcoInTheHouse, Reddit User, September 16, 2023

Who might benefit from the Jabra Enhance Pro? Similar to other Costco hearing aids, the Jabra Enhance Pro comes with a high price tag of about $1,600 (prices may vary). If this price is affordable and you have mild to moderate hearing loss, then the Jabra Enhance Pro could be the right fit. However, with the mixed reviews on these hearing aids above, make sure you understand the Costco return policy carefully before you purchase a pair. 

MDHearing: An Affordable Alternative to Costco Hearing Aids

MDHearing hearing aids provide the perfect balance of excellent technology, durability, and high-quality hearing loss treatment—all for a fraction of what conventional hearing clinics and Costco charge. In fact, making quality hearing care affordable has always been the primary mission of MDHearing. 

With all of our devices benefiting from FDA registration, customers can purchase their MDHearing hearing aids over the Internet or phone. Plus, as OTC devices, they empower everyone to treat their hearing loss without requiring a prescription or doctor visits. Our audiologists and engineers specifically designed all MDHearing hearing aids to provide effective hearing care for 94% of people with hearing loss.  

Despite not having a physical location, MDHearing customers are never alone. If there’s ever a challenge using or setting up an MDHearing device, our U.S.-based team of licensed audiologists and hearing professionals is just a phone call, video chat, or email away.

Best of all, if customers are not happy with their hearing aids, our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee allows them to return the hearing aids to MDHearing within 45 days for a complete refund.  

How Is MDHearing Different from Costco?

Both Costco and MDHearing provide high-quality hearing aids for less than hearing clinics. In this way, Costco is making hearing aids more affordable—just like us. However, MDHearing takes a different strategy for lowering prices that allows us to save our customers even more. 

Costco does a good job of lowering its prices by making deals with large hearing aid manufacturers. However, its prices are still over $1,000 a pair. By comparison, MDHearing keeps prices low by designing and manufacturing our own hearing aids. We also eliminate hearing clinic markups and the high expense of needing to maintain brick-and-mortar stores. Then we pass the savings on to our customers. 

Finally, from the hearing care perspective, we’ve developed sophisticated strategies to provide the highest quality of hearing telehealth care and services to our customers. With our online hearing tests, our in-house team of audiologists, our licensed hearing specialists—and special technology that allows us to provide hearing aid settings adjustments from a distance—MDHearing customers enjoy clinic-quality care without the clinic. Also, MDHearing prides itself on offering the absolute best and most responsive customer care in the business.

On this point, we’d like to note that the level of customer service patients receive at Costco will likely be lower compared to traditional hearing clinics and MDHearing. For comparison, here’s what one patient said about Costco customer care:

I am reviewing the customer support at the Clybourn Ave, Chicago [Costco] location. Getting hearing aids for the first time is a bit daunting, but I expected the hearing aid specialist to help with the process. Couldn't get an appointment for a month when I was fitted with the incorrect tips. Never learned about changing a filter. I could go on about the poor service at that Costco, but I think my point is clear. I had to go to a different location to get accurate information and hopefully I will now be able to adjust to the hearing aids.” –Corinne in Illinois, Consumer Affairs, March 31, 2023 

MDHearing customer, Tricia B., says this about his experience with the brand:

This purchase has been life changing. I’ve needed hearing aids for years but, at my hearing tests, the prices quoted were always in the thousands and that was just not possible for me. I avoided interaction with other people because they grew tired of repeating themselves as much as I got tired of asking them. The entire process has been exceptional with excellent customer care and product support along the way. There is plenty of time to try them out with the 45 day money back guarantee and being able to finally hear all the things I’ve been missing is priceless.”

Here are two more reviews from MDHearing and Costco customers:

The MDHearing aids I purchased are a very significant improvement over the hearing aids purchased from Costco three years ago. I went to Costco last month to get a renewal and maybe an upgrade. After waiting for a half hour, I left frustrated and went online to find MDHearing. The price was right with the ability to return if I didn’t like the aids. I was skeptical. When they arrived, I read the instructions and watched the videos, then I put them on. There is no comparison. My wife now complains about the TV volume being too low.”Craig Y., March 14, 2023 

I went to Costco for hearing aids and after 6 months I got my money back as I could still not hear! $1300 was refunded. Then I went to a local provider and spent $5,000 and STILL COULD NOT HEAR WELL after 3 months! I got that money refunded! At my wife’s insistence, she ordered the MD hearing aids for me and I CAN HEAR BETTER THAN I DID WITH THE HIGH-PRICED HEARING AIDS!You have NOTHING to lose to try them for 45 days…See for yourself and TRY MDHEARING AIDS!Mac H., April 14, 2023 

MDHearing vs. Costco: Cost Comparison

MDHearing offers affordable OTC hearing aids that fit 94% of those with hearing loss, starting at just $297 a pair. Meanwhile, for patients who want more advanced features like smartphone connectivity and remote hearing care settings adjustments, the MDHearing VOLT MAX model is priced at $699 a pair. 

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a lot of fancy features and special options—and you don’t mind spending an extra $1,000—you might prefer the hearing aids you’ll find at Costco or a traditional hearing center. If you’re mainly concerned with being able to hear better and understand conversations with better clarity, MDHearing is an excellent option that won’t break your savings account.

Indeed, choosing MDHearing can save you over $1,000 compared to Costco and $4,000 or more versus the typical clinic prices.

How MDHearing Achieves Affordability

MDHearing’s team of experienced hearing aid engineers and doctors spent years researching ultra-expensive hearing aids and studying hearing tests. They discovered that most hearing loss cases follow a similar pattern. For this reason, MDHearing chose to focus on building a specialized line of hearing aid products—all the way down to designing our own unique processor chips—that can assist 94% of patients with hearing loss.

Final Thoughts on Costco Hearing Aids

The decision to get hearing aids is difficult enough. But when money is tight and they cost thousands of dollars per ear, many people choose to leave their hearing loss untreated and their quality of life suffers as a result. 

Fortunately, affordable hearing aids exist and you can find them when you look in the right places. Costco is one of those affordable options, and although users report mixed reviews on the performance of Costco aids, we don’t think that the negative aspects of these reviews are out of step with what you find elsewhere, even with the most expensive hearing aids on the market. Wearing hearing aids is a personal experience, sometimes you need to try out several before you find the right one for you. 

When it comes to finding something affordable, Costco offers a great selection of quality aids and hearing care starting at about $1,500 a pair. This is a lot more affordable than the national average, so this is a plus for Costco!

At the same time, MDHearing also offers a great selection of quality hearing aids—and our prices are even more affordable than Costco. MDHearing allows patients to order a pair of doctor-designed, FDA-registered aids for $297 and they’ll have them in just a few days. Best of all, with MDHearing’s 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, patients are not risking anything by simply giving MDHearing a try.

Want to see if MDHearing hearing aids will work for you? Take our quick and easy online hearing test and get your results instantly.