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The Cost of Hearing Aids in 2019

Last updated on Apr 17, 2019

What is the cost of hearing aids?

So you’ve gone to get your hearing checked. You visited an audiologist or a hearing clinic and they performed the various tone tests. They started going through your results and confirmed what you suspected … your hearing has started to decline.

The hearing specialist suggests investing in hearing aids not only so you can hear clearly now, but also to help maintain your hearing for the next part of your life. You start getting excited to finally hear better again. But then the audiologist presents your in-store options, and sticker shock hits you in the face. Their cost of hearing aids is really expensive. The fact is, the average hearing aid prices are around $4,600 a pair!

Suddenly you aren’t so sure you should buy hearing aids after all.

Why is the cost of hearing aids so high?

The absurdly high hearing aid prices are directly connected to the manufacturers. There are only six major hearing aid manufacturers and they have controlled the market for decades. While some of the manufacturer wholesale price is to offset paying their employees, as well as ongoing funds to research and development, they’re also able to set the wholesale prices high because they know their competitor manufacturers are setting their rates just as high.

After the manufacturers markup, the retailers (i.e., the audiologist offices and hearing clinics) then have to raise the price further to offset the cost of the on-staff audiologist or other hearing specialists for fitting and maintenance, as well as the overhead cost of the brick-and-mortar clinic. According to Consumer Reports, the average hearing aid retail markup is 117 percent!

The cost of hearing aids gets even more complicated when you factor in your insurance options.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

The large majority of Medicare plans and insurance plans do not cover hearing aid purchases. Some plans cover (or partially cover) hearing tests, but many don’t cover hearing health appointments at all. It’s important to check your own personal Medicare coverage to see what is covered under your specific plan, but this lack of financial aid on top of the outrageous hearing aid prices makes the cost of hearing aids a seemingly unconquerable hurdle for many Americans.

The Consequences of Avoiding Hearing Aids

There are so many barriers in the hearing aid buying process, and it’s really easy for people to finally decide it’s not worth it to jump over those hurdles! When hearing aid prices seem so expensive and such a hassle, of course you’d get frustrated. Too many people with hearing loss throw their hands up and decide they can simply make due without hearing aids after all. But they don’t realize just how connected untreated hearing loss is to other health complications.

Hearing loss has ties to other serious health issues, including cognitive decline, social isolation, and risk of imbalance and falling. There’s also safety concerns of not being able to hear home intruders, alarms, or emergency vehicle sirens. Simply “making due without hearing aids” can become more and more dangerous as your hearing continues to decline.

cost of hearing aids

Finding Affordable Hearing Aid Prices Online

For decades, people with hearing loss only had one option for buying hearing aids. They could only go to audiologists and hearing clinics, both having the same high hearing aid prices. Luckily, there are modern ways to buy hearing aids that aren’t marked up like the ones in brick-and-mortar retailers. That’s where MDHearingAid comes in.

MDHearingAid was founded by an ear, nose, and throat doctor determined to create a better way for patients to get high quality hearing aids within their budget. We sell directly to our customer. By taking the expensive storefronts and unnecessary extra appointments out of the equation, we’re able to keep our hearing aid prices much lower than the hearing clinics and still offer free shipping. We also offer complimentary email and phone support by our in-house audiologist and hearing aid specialists.

Order from the comfort of your home — you can pick out your hearing aid on our website or by phone. Your hearings aids will be delivered to your doorstep typically within 3–7 business days.

cost of hearing aids

Do What Works Best for You

Now, just because MDHearingAid offers affordable online hearing aids doesn’t mean you should necessarily skip the audiologist appointment completely. If you’re concerned about hearing loss and haven’t been professionally tested, it’s a really good idea to get a hearing test. They can determine just how serious your hearing loss is or if it’s just a simple matter of ear blockage instead of permanent damage.

That said, know your options. You have the right to shop around for a better hearing aid price after your hearing test. In fact, MDHearingAid’s audiologist can evaluate your hearing test and provide advice on which hearing aid would be the best fit for you.

You have no obligation to buy your hearing aids from where you had your hearing test done. When hearing aid prices are so high at the clinics (and direct-to-consumer companies like MDHearingAid are offering great hearing aids for a fraction of the price), you owe it to yourself to weigh your options.

Don’t let sticker shock stop you from getting the hearing aids you need. Take the next step to better hearing with our affordable, FDA-registered hearing aids.

Doug Breaker
Chief Executive Officer
Doug Breaker serves as CEO of MDHearingAid. Doug joined MDHearingAid after successful CEO roles at, and Doug's decades of experience... [ Learn More ]

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