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LifeEar to Bring Holiday Cheer with Hearing Aid Giveaway

What better way for us to celebrate the end of the year than with a hearing aid giveaway? This holiday…

“I love it!”: LifeEar Testimonial on Fox 32 in Chicago

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Hearing loss and Alzheimer’s: Fox TV Investigates The Potential link Between Them

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THRILLEST, Tech section. Published Feburary 4, 2016 by Joe McGauley. Your Fancy Headphones are Destroying Your Hearing Like most people…

Silent Signs of Hearing Loss

Reader’s Digest, Health section. Published December 15, 2015 by Alyssa Jung. 5 Silent Signs of Hearing Loss You May Be…

Hearing Loss Not Just For The Old: Fox 32

  Rich Roeper: Whether it’s from a concert that’s too loud, or music playing though our headphones, we do have…

Crain’s Business Innovator Sreek Cherukuri, M.D.

Crain’s Chicago Business, Innovators section. Published October 29, 2015 by Kathrine Davis. This Doctor Designed His Own Line of…